The Body Vitality Gathering by AnnMerle
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The Body Vitality Gathering

Enrollment is closed

An Invitation: As you know, my dear #Fierceover50 woman: chronic stress wreaks havoc in our bodies. This is especially true for us, the exhausted achievers, who have been holding onto stress for decades! I've been working with women like you and me for almost 20 years - privately and in classes. Through my Body Vitality Method, I help them release chronic stress, manage pain, and get stronger - all so you can create a life filled with clarity, energy, and vitality. I invite you to join us in the Body Vitality Gathering, for a 4-week immersion in breathwork, self-massage, movement, and gentle strengthening. Join us to revitalize your body and your life! 🌺

Here's How It Works:

🌺   We meet on Zoom and in a private Facebook group during the week. And, I ask the group for scheduling suggestions and choose the best array of times. Replays of all of our zoom calls are available on the course platrom.

🌺  We will meet typically on Mondays for a roundtable, and on Tuesdays and Thursdays for our Body Vitality practices.
On Fridays, I often pop into the Facebook group for an impromptu live session based on what folks need and want. 

🌺  The one-hour Body Vitality Practice sessions have two parts: first, you ask questions and I present valuable information and visuals about how to do this work. Then we lay on our mats and do a 30 minute practice. 

🌺  Between sessions, we'll connect in our private community on Facebook. This is where we'll deepen our exchange and where I'll also be answering all your questions.

🌺  Finally, once a week, we gather at a Zoom roundtable, which I lead. We  connect and talk about the issues we are facing and how this Body Vitality Method can help us get through the challenges we face. 

🌺  By the end of the Gathering, you'll have unlimited recordings of all 8 practices we'll go through during the month, so you can repeat them whenever you want. All of these practices (and other materials as well) are on a course platform that you continue to have access to after the course is over. 

🌺  And, there will be a few surprises because I just can't help myself! 

The Body Vitality Gathering Starts on Monday, August 24 and runs through Friday September 28.

Ready to Join the August/September Body Vitality Gathering?

Purchase the August-September Body Vitality Gathering and plant the seeds that will grow your own colorful and vibrant life. 

$250 to Join the Month-long Gathering
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Before you take this class, you should consult your doctor. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone.  The instructions and advice in this video are not meant to be medical advice and should not be taken as such. The creators, producers, and instructors of this program disclaim any liability, loss, or injury in connection with these exercises.

The Body Vitality Method: In the Body Vitality Method, stress recovery and pain management are accomplished, simultaneously, in these three, whole-body ways:

Flexing Your "Inner Self" Muscles

Being aware of your mind and your breath. This happens as you move in other ways. Awareness is key: You see, it’s one thing to be taught a stress recover technique and do it. It’s more challenging, but much more rewarding and beneficial, when you learn to notice and actually feel your body and mind relaxing. This is quite a unique experience, but that’s what I want for you. 

Flexing Your "Outer Self" Muscles

Focusing on whole-body movement to mobilize joints, build strength, and massage out pain. You'll learn how to read your body from the inside-out by letting go of stress as you hydrate your connective tissue through self-massage. You'll discover your current range of joint motion and create more space. Finally, strengthening will be possible. And, 

Flexing Your "Communal-Self" Muscles

Focusing on connecting to other women doing the same work. As exhausted achievers, we have capitalized too much on doing everything ourselves. Find out how the feeling of support can help you feel internally connected. 

What My Students Say

Working privately with AnnMerle was the best thing I could have done for myself. When I started, I couldn’t get down onto the mat and get back up. And now I can do that and much more.
 Everything she’s taught me – all the breathing and the moving – helped me to alleviate pain and feel calm no matter what is happening. 
Had I known any of this when my husband got sick originally, I think how much easier my life would have been. Moving and breathing are an integral part of my daily routine and I’m thrilled that I have this knowledge now.  
Melissa Drazner

Ready to Join the August-September Body Vitality Gathering?

Purchase the August/September Body Vitality Gathering and plant the seeds that will grow your own colorful and vibrant life. 

$250 to Join the Month-Long Gathering 
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Before you take this class, you should consult your doctor. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. The instructions and advice in this video are not meant to be medical advice and should not be taken as such. The creators, producers, and instructors of this program disclaim any liability, loss, or injury in connection with these exercises. 

What My Students Say

This program was excellent in helping me to be more mindful of how my body is feeling in all its parts, inside and out, and how to undo the toll of accumulated stress, injuries, and trauma takes on your body. I appreciated the warmth, welcoming, and supportive environment of other women in this stage of their lives, and especially AnnMerle's spirited, enouraging, and knowledgeable approach. 
Robin Grey


What props and what kind of space will I need to do this program?

Your space: You’ll want to find a comfortable, private space in your home or apartment where you can set down a yoga mat (or something that size) and a wall space nearby. You should be able to stand with your back at the wall and spread your arms overhead and to the side. Beyond that, think about this space as a lovely, welcoming space you’ll want to visit often. Consider placing a journal, a vase of flowers, or a candle nearby. You’ll want to set up your device (computer, Ipad, or phone) in this space to participate in our live group sessions or to watch the replays.  

Props: You’ll want to assemble a collection of inexpensive items you’re likely to have at home: 2 thick books (or 2 yoga blocks) a belt, sash, or yoga strap. You can also find two tennis balls that will go into a sock and a pillow. These will get you started and whenever you are ready you can invest in better props. I’ll give you a list of my recommended ones, once you’re in the course. 

You talk about the Body Vitality Method. What exactly is that?

The Body Vitality Method helps women over 50 revitalize their bodies and their lives. It’s a method based on my expertise in body-centered healing, movement, breath, and self-massage, and my many years of experience working with the bodies of #FierceOver50 women. 

I created a method that puts stress and pain first on the agenda and approaches the body as a whole, not individual parts such as your painful neck and shoulders or the painful fascia in your feet. 

The practices in the Body Vitality Method are designed to flex your whole body “muscles:” 

🌺 Your “inner core” muscles flex your ability to calm your mind, use your breath and diaphragm in powerful new ways, and connect to the rest of your whole body. 

🌺 Your “outer core” muscles help you to focus on joint mobility, overall body strength, and on how self-massage techniques can bring life back into tired and weak connective tissue, or fascia. 

🌺 Your “communal muscles” make use of your super valuable community of other #FierceOver50 women who, together, teach us that we, as ‘exhausted achievers,’ do not have to do everything ourselves. 

This is the exact method I use to help my private clients become stronger, more mobile, more optimistic, and more flexible in every aspect of their lives. 

I can’t wait to help you too! 

When will the two live 60 minute sessions be held? What if I can’t be there live?

We meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. 

As soon as you have all registered for the Gathering, I will send out a poll to find out what times work best for you. 

Then, I will schedule the live sessions with your needs in mind. Also, I will schedule the session in opposite time zones so that members in different time zones can make it. 

And, of course, if something comes up, you always will have to replay. You will want to replay the practices over again to do them on your own and continue to learn what feels good in your body.  

By the end of the gathering you will have unlimited recordings of the 8 practices we’ll go through during the month so you can repeat them whenever you want. 

How is this program different from, say, a yoga course, in which we get practices and do them?

There are a couple of things worth mentioning here. The Gathering is different because:

  • It’s focused on supporting you in your #FierceOver50 life as you become newly aware of chronic stress and pain. You will be asking yourself, how does my movement, my breath, my attitudes, my connection with others either contribute to stress and pain or contribute to my sense of myself as a whole woman on a healing journey? 
  • It’s designed specifically for you, a woman 50 or older. I’m sure you’ve gone to classes and watched a thin, svelte, young woman wrap herself up like a pretzel, and then smilingly say to you, “Come on, you can do it!”)
  • It’s not based on one single discipline like yoga or strength training, but marrying different practices to serve our bodies, life experiences, and unique needs in this second half of life. You can be sure that you will not be asked to do a down dog on your wrists or poses that ask you to get into positions on your knees. 

  • Our weekly roundtables offer a chance to ask quesitons, consider issues and perspectives, and do some innovative problem-solving. These moments are one of the gems of this program. 

You talk about “flexing the communal muscle” and about the importance of support. What, exactly, do you mean by that?

If you are an ‘exhausted achiever’ like I am, you know what it means going through life, taking charge, solving problems, taking care of others, while barely keeping your own head above water. 

You had a support system of various shapes and forms and it was probably never quite enough. But you made it through. You achieved, but you were definitely exhausted. And you probably didn’t realize the toll that the stress of such an existence took. That toll is the chronic stress and pain that I talk about. 

Inside the gathering we will stand next to each other and support us in whatever we are going through. 

When someone asks a question about a movement and how it feels in your body, you might say to yourself, “Oh, I was wondering about that, too.” When someone explains a unique solution for making her practice consistent, you might say to yourself, “I never thought of that.” 
And, when someone in our group, celebrates a success -- a new movement, a new response to a difficult situation, you, too, draw strength and inspiration from that winning moment.”  

This kind of support, I’m guessing, is a luxury that you have rarely had in your ‘exhausted achiever life. If you are like me for most of my life, you were probably sure you didn't need this. I now see things quite differently. Support like this is essential for healing. We will stand for each other; speak kindly and gently to each other; and learn from each other.  

How long will I have access to the materials, trainings, and practice recordings included in the Gathering?

Every material, training, and practice recording will be hosted in my easy-to-use student platform - which you’ll get unlimited access to as soon as you sign up to join the Gathering.
The student platform can be accessed on all your devices, so you don’t have to worry about downloading and transferring huge files on your computer, phone, or iPad.

How does the Body Vitality Gathering work? What do I get when I join?

Every week we’ll have two live 60 minute Body Vitality Sessions (hosted at different times, so everyone can make at least one of them.) Of course, you will get the replay. 

These sessions are split into two parts: We start with a 30-minute introduction, in which I offer visual and movement preparation, so you know what we are doing and why we are doing it. 

Then we participate in a 30 minute practice, which goes much more smoothly after having been introduced to what we will be doing. 

In addition we have a weekly roundtable, which gives you an opportunity to consider how to incorporate this new knowlege and these new practices into your day to day life. 

We’ll talk about the practices and how we are incorporating the Body Vitality Method into our everyday lives. We need a lot of support for this! It’s one thing to go to a teacher-led class and then repeat it. It’s another thing entirely to learn what your body needs from that practice. Here, we’ll deepen our exchange and I’ll also be answering questions. 

Finally, once a week, I’ll hop on the Facebook community to host a special training focused on what the group currently needs the most support with. Stress, habits, pain, injury . . . Nothing is off-limits. 

What you really get is a month of intensive support; you get to experience a new sense of connection to your body; and, through our practices, our conversations, and our connections, you get to build a stronger, more resilient relationship with your self. 

What if I decide this isn’t for me?

This gathering might feel quite different from courses where you receive exercise classes or yoga practices. Of course, you will receive practices that are delivered live and you’ll get the recorded replay as well. And, I will be in the Facebook Group each day of the week coaching you, answering questions, and giving live workshops.

You’ll be watching yourself grow and learn through the weeks and this process is gradual and experiential. And it takes time to feel the results in your body, your mind, and your life.

So I do hope you’ll give yourself the opportunity to grow within the unique container that this workshop provides. Still, if you feel this is not for you,  email me at within one week of enrollment and I’ll gladly refund your investment.

I've got another question.

Great! Use the chat box at the right bottom corner of this page or email me at and let’s chat.

What My Students Say

AnnMerle is gentle, reassuring, forgiving and encouraging. I love having these sessions with you.  My energy is back and I feel so much better. This was just what I needed to get back on track 
Liz Smith

Ready to Join the August/September Body Vitality Gathering

Purchase the August/September Body Vitality Gathering and plant the seeds that will grow your own colorful and vibrant life. 

$250 to Join the Month-long Gathering
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Before you take this class, you should consult your doctor. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone.  The instructions and advice in this video are not meant to be medical advice and should not be taken as such. The creators, producers, and instructors of this program disclaim any liability, loss, or injury in connection with these exercises.