The #FierceOver50 Gathering by AnnMerle

The #FierceOver50 Gathering

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What's Included in The #FierceOver50 Gathering?

A Library of Movement, Breath, and Self-Massage Practices Designed for Your #FierceOver50 Bodies 

Your #FierceOver50 Gathering comes with an ever-growing library of practices aimed at providing new solutions to the daily problems we face. 

Three of my most popular courses are already in the Gathering: Clear Your Head, Revitalize Your Stressed-Out Neck and Shoulders, and Re-hab your Feet and Ankles. 

In addition, you will find a wide variety of short-ish (20 minutes, usually) practices to solve the daily problems you encounter: help you get to sleep, help you get back to sleep when you wake up, gather more energy, shed anxiety, move your shoulders and support your rotator cuff muscles, massage out your too-much-sitting hips and so on. 

Weekly Practice Plans for Ease and Accountability
Each week, I will send you a recommendation from the library to help you establish an ongoing practice and stay accountable. (Of course, you can also pick and choose any practices you wish from the library, depending on what’s going on in your body and your life.)  This will help you with your accountability as you continue in the Gathering. And, I encourage you to check-in by commenting and letting us know how you are doing with your program. You can plan on doing between 30 and 90 minutes per week on the practices.

Two Roundtables Per Month
These popular and supportive Zoom roundtables will offer a themed discussion about the issues that we #FierceOver50 women face during our everyday lives. Topics will include keeping up our self-care routines, calming anxiety, developing nourishing relationships with our bodies, and shedding myths about aging. 

These Roundtables offer you an opportunity to feel centered and keep your anti-aging, healthy living goals front and center. When you meet with other women in the Roundtable you’ll feel supported, you’ll have the accountability you need, you’ll laugh more, and enjoy the arm-in arm company of women who care very much that we all keep moving forward on our path. 

Let me also say that if you are experiencing Zoom burnout, I understand. These Roundtables are optional and useful only if they work for you! 

And, I will be sending out a brief summary of the Roundtable material if you are unable to attend. 

Extra Treats
I just love being in this community and always want to share what new and interesting trends I am learning about. I plan to bring in guest interviews, new understandings of how we can further develop this body-centered self, mini-courses on topics that you might want to dip into, such as how to improve your walking technique or introducing eating programs that support a healthy life-style, or offering an introduction to Qi Gong, a healthful approach to healing. 

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