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Clear Your Head

How I Created This Practice

As a certified, advanced Forrest yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Safe and Sound Protocol practitioner, YogaTuneUp®, and Roll Model Method® instructor, I created this practice by synthesizing key teachings from my nearly 20 years of studying the healing process and I began to use it every day, tweaking this or that movement. 

This invigorating 10-minute routine incorporates a surprisingly effective combination of tapping, massage, breathwork, intention-setting, and subtle movement. 

I have been doing this practice consistently for two years and it is a key part of my days. Of course, I do have days when I can’t respond as clearly as I like. When that happens, I look back to my morning and often note that I didn’t ‘clear my head’ with my morning routine.  It makes that big a difference in my day. Once I started practicing consistently, I noticed, 

🌻   My brain fog lifts and stays away.
🌻   My shoulders, neck, and face feel soft and more open.
🌻  A much sunnier, vibrant energy carries me throughout my days.

And what's more? It's a practice I actually look forward to repeating the next morning.  It's the single best thing I do for myself on a daily basis, and it has transformed my life in a way that no supplement or meditation did.

Clear Your Head: A 10-minute Morning Practice to Help You Wake up, Clear Brain Fog, and Create a Vibrant Day

🌻 Imagine if a 10-minute morning practice could help you:
🌻Feel energized and confident that you can take on whatever the day brings.
🌻Go from morning brain fog that no amount of coffee can solve to a sense of energized calm and clarity. 
🌻Break free from the neck and shoulder tension you always feel by the end of the day. 
🌻Come to the end of the day with a sense of satisfaction instead of asking yourself “where did this day go?”

That’s totally possible for you. And how do I know?

I'm 68 now -- nearly 69 --  and for most of my life I've been a certified exhausted achiever - always reaching for another cup of coffee, always feeling hectic and overwhelmed by all the things that need doing. 

But once I made this short, revitalizing 10-minute practice part of my morning routine, I now take on my days from a place of energized calm rather than frantic tension.

What makes this 10-minute practice special❓

Quick and Easy

I've said it before, but this practice takes no more than 10 minutes. I've been refining this practice for years now, so I've narrowed it down to the most essential, and impactful pieces.


The practice takes you on a tour of your head, face, neck and shoulders, but the beauty of it is that you can adjust it to match what works best for you, what feels absolutely delicious, and what you need most depending on what's going on in your life.


This practice is what empowers me to set the mood for my days and honor it until I go to bed. It makes me more resilient, centered, calm and energized.


We talk a lot about how we need to respond to and recover from stress. But what if you could “stress-proof” yourself at the start of the day? This practice does that. I like to say it offers you a bubble to wear that can ward off stress. 

Introducing . . . .Clear Your Head

Inside Clear Your Head is an online training walking you through my mood-enhancing, 10-minute morning practice. 

You'll learn how to start your days with a sense of energized calm with my short 10-minute morning practice. 

But most importantly, you'll learn how to put an end to the build-up of stress that happens most days and finally feel bright and sparkly all day long.

Here’s what you’ll get inside Clear Your Head

  • Follow-Along Video that takes you through the practice.
  • The practice includes a handout --  a roadmap -- describing the practices’ 15 key components, including: breathwork that offers a calm and centering entry point. We proceed to setting your intention, connecting to your energy, massage and tapping of the head, face, ears, sinuses, jaw, neck and shoulders, and thymus.  
  • An 8-page workbook that teaches you how to set your intention each day.
  • In addition, the workbook offers guidance in how to notice mindset shifts that you will want to recognize and hold onto.

What My Students Say

I loved the breathing and mindfulness in every single movement. I can feel the muscles relaxing as I do this work. 

Merle Tovian

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Clear Your Head is perfect for you if…

You want a sunnier, more sparkly energy to carry you through your day
🌻. You don’t feel like you get results from meditation
🌻. You always feel like a headache is right around the corner
🌻. You carry a lot of stress in your neck and shoulders
🌻. You want to offload stress before it piles on throughout the day

On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…

🌻. You already have a very effective morning practice that relieves stress and lifts your mood. 
🌻. Your doctor has asked you to avoid head and neck massage. 


I loved being able to come back to the video later. It helped me keep going. I love having the “over 50 crowd” focus  and your positivity! 

S. Lipson

Ready to Clear Your Head?

Purchase Clear Your Head and discover everything you need to wake up, clear brain fog, and create a vibrant day. 

27 Dollars to Make Your Day 
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About AnnMerle

Hello there!  I'm AnnMerle and I help women #FierceOver50 break free from stress and pain. Like you, the women I help are exhausted achievers who’ve worked hard their entire lives and always go above and beyond to do what’s needed in every situation. 

I have an advanced teacher certification from Ana Forrest in Forrest Yoga. I am certified by Jill Miller in Yoga Tune Up® and in The Roll Model® Method. I am a Reiki Master, certified by the International Center for Reiki Training. And I am certified by the Integrated Listening Institute as a Safe and Sound Protocol practitioner, which focuses on calming the nervous system. 

When Our Bodies Hold On To Stress

🌻🌻🌻   When our bodies hold on to stress for years and years, it becomes invisible and we sadly give in and think, “This is just the way it is.”  The problem isn't the stress itself, it's that we don't know how to recover from it. When stress takes hold and we don't have effective tools for recovery, it starts to feel like the new normal.  
🌻🌻🌻.  The inflammation, the lack of sleep, and the pain continue to wreak havoc with our bodies. The non-stop worry creates a mindset that constantly revisits the past or attempts to control the future and neither feels very good. 
🌻🌻🌻.  As a Body Wellness Coach, I help women discover a new sense of being that’s vibrant, courageous, and optimistic - as well as free from the stress and pain they’ve grown used to. 

🌻🌻🌻.  My approach is equal parts movement, breathwork, and mindset and surprisingly different from what we’re often told is the secret to wellness. Through my courses and articles, you’ll discover unique and therapeutic techniques to heal your body, refresh your mind, and reinvent yourself.  


What if I am not really a morning person and I like to take my time getting going -- especially now that I’m at home during the pandemic?

You can do this practice anytime you like.  I am typically a morning person and like to get my day going quickly,  but you can decide when you want to shift your energy in a way that sets up the rest of your day. So, for instance, I have also done this practice in the afternoon when I start to realize I’m feeling groggy. Or, before the pandemic brought us all indoors, I might use this practice before going out for the evening to brighten me up. The best part of this practice, I have found, is figuring out how it can work for you! 

My house is like a zoo from the moment I get up. How can I possibly do this practice? Kids, grandkids, four-leggeds are all over me as soon as I open my eyes.

Life isn’t easy these days. I know. I have two strategies and I have used  both depending on my situation at that moment.  I call the first strategy the ‘undercover’ approach. Before the crew has realized that I’m awake, I sit up in bed and do the practice. Or I go into the bathroom, lock the door,  and sit on the toilet seat and do it there. The second strategy is the ‘guru’ approach. You boldly gather everyone, invite them to join you,  and lead them in the practice.  You can tell them it’s a secret, magic formula that will create some surprising changes in their day.  I used to do something like this when on vacation with my family. I personally think it’s a great idea to share my practices as a role model for taking care of myself. 

What do I get with Clear Your Head?

Clear Your Head includes a 13-minute video training walking you through the practice, a handout -- the roadmap --  that describes  the 15 components of the practice, and an 8-page workbook showing you how to make it your own.

Does this really take only 10 minutes?

Yes, the actual practice only takes 10 minutes. When you first get it, you’ll want to follow along with me on the video. You might even want to do it twice, to get the hang of it. We all know that it takes a while for practices to sink in and become your daily buddy.  

I also include a handout -- the roadmap --  listing all 15 components of the practice, so you can quickly and easily review a particular moment, if you like. You can also use it to assist you as you do the practice on your own, without a video. 

So, you can do the practice on your own; you can do it following the roadmap;  or,  you can join me on the video  for some company, some support, or just a refresher! 

Clear Your Head also comes with a workbook that helps make the practice even more powerful by giving you insight into how it works best for you, specifically  in your body. I recommend taking 10-15  minutes to cuddle with that workbook every couple of days. Over time, you’ll see how your practice is changing and understand better why it works so well for you and only you. 

You'll definitely reap the benefits if you just do the morning practice, but the workbook will help you go one step deeper by you become more aware of how the practice is impacting your daily life. 

But, I want you to know that  I never spend more than 10 minutes following this practice myself.

Why does this work? It’s only 10 minutes!

I have been perfecting this practice for quite a while and it draws techniques from a variety of backgrounds for maximum impact. Many of the tapping activities draw on Eastern energy medicine and can shift your energy very quickly. The light massage techniques and breathing bring blood flow and oxygen to sedentary and dehydrated connective tissue or fascia. A little bit of this work brings a speedy response that stays with you for the whole day! 

How long will I have access to this practice?

When you sign up for Clear Your Head, you'll get unlimited access to the training content hosted in my easy-to-use student platform. The workbook and roadmap are both online and downloadable as well. 

What if I decide this isn’t for me?

If this practice is entirely new to you and you don’t have any sort of morning practice, it might seem a bit strange at the start. The more you practice it and become aware of how you are responding, the more you’ll feel the benefits. Still, if you feel this is not for you, after one week, I’ll gladly refund your money.

I've got another question.

Great! Use the chat box at the right bottom corner of this page or e-mail me at and let’s chat.

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